cold blood warm heart
I get my jollies from making words up, star gazing, painting, exploring, camping, video games, beach bummin', art museums, historical places, acoustics, growing gardens and staying up all night until my eyes burn.
my soul is both Janis Joplin and Edgar Allan Poe collectively.
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I jogged/briskly walked for 5 miles ever since I broke my leg in December. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I can already feel my ass growing and I’m so excited. I want abs. I also quit smoking cigarettes. I don’t want to live in a bar, ever. I will note become a salmon swimming up stream trying to spawn. I will only speak in complete honesty. Time to look more like a bitch than ever. It’s one of those life altering days today.

Balancing Act

I can’t wait to

lose the fatty sandbags of my 

stomach and legs

stretching up to my back

to the lower parts of my ankles

then you’ll see my bones

then you’ll see

that in this

I am just like you

I am a vessel for my brain

and I’m just supporting my weight

Three days before her birthday.

Today I am proud. Today I am sad. Today I have realized that I cannot have expectations. I can only process each day and the progress of my mind. 

My mother was put in jail this morning for using another persons credit card. Felony.

Credit Card Fraud – Penalties

This crime or credit card fraud is a felony under Georgia law, and punishable by a fine of not more than $5,000 and 1-3 years of prison.

My father also just recently got oh his 5th DUI? Court date still pending. Might lose his nursing license and go to prison for a year. 

You’re supposed to look up to your parents, right? Who will I look up to? That person has to be myself. “ All you have to do is let go of what is not true for you and let it in what is.””

I do not need a certain degree to be a good and moral person. I do not need a paper. I need my actions. And I swear to myself that I will love deeply and always be honest. I will not fall to an alteration of perspective due to a substance. I want only my mind to lead myself in a direction for reanalyzing situations and improving my state of being. And the lives of those I care about. 

It’s all about perspective.

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